Monday, 17 June 2013

The Remake Versions of Original Songs:

This is the right place to stay update from "Mr.Sam Ali's" music. The upcoming songs and the remake versions of the songs. Mr.Sam Ali released his many original songs. Songs sets are having a specific name like other albums have "Broken Heart Mega" and "Destroyed Citizens" are also album names from of them. There are only few tracks from the first album "Broken Heart Mega" in which the songs needs a remake versions. We receive many request about those songs from our viewers/fans/supporter. The request/feedback or personal message goes directly to "Mr.Sam Ali". The site(page) where other sends to him is called his "Online Guest Book". He replies to everyone. This is his uniqueness that made us his first fans. His musics, lyrics, vocals, everything he do is awesome and there is no word to describe how beautifully he do it all.

How many persons works with him for his music?

He writes lyrics, compose music, records, mix and masters himself. There is no one behind the scene he do that all himself.This sounds amazing but its true that's why his original songs and covers comes after a long time.

Remake Versions:

About the remake versions we know that the songs from first album are coming in a remake version album but the number of the songs is too small and Mr.Sam Ali wants to release these songs as a proper set of an album having specific name. Firstly the name was decided as " Remake Version of Mr.Sam Ali". But after too much thinking on the name they decided to attach the remake songs with other three original songs and that idea works. The idea was provided by "Julia Brett" she works honestly and she takes much interest in supporting Mr.Sam Ali. She is from our group but she is unique. She works well than us as she created two blogs and make them update. These two blogs are of the albums by Mr.Sam Ali these links are "Broken Heart Mega" and "Destroyed Citizens".

The songs from the album that are going to have new versions are from "Broken Heart Mega" and the names are :
  1. If I 'll Ever Come Back
  2. Hope
  3. Gone Away
  4. Time To Get Up Now
  5. Shadow of Ghost
  6. Mystery 
Above 6 tracks are the actual set of "Shadow of Ghost" and it will be released very soon after "Destroyed Citizens". 
We will update this blog if "Mr.Sam Ali" decides to add more track in this set.
The Album in which these songs will be released is named as:

Shadow Of Ghost

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About Us:
We are (Julia Brett, Marley Kevin,  Edward Martin) also from  his (Mr.Sam Ali) fans. We work for supporting our artist.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic i can't wait to hear them all

Vol Studio said...

Wow this is awesome and also the name is nice. I'd be happy when it will be able to give us a listen..

Anonymous said...

Love all of your songs

Anonymous said...

i heard many musician but Mr.Sam Ali is perfect.

Anonymous said...

This is mind blowing i 'll love to listen it but here i want to say something special please start doing some covers but of course covers of good musicians not other stupid bands.

Ketherine said...

YEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH i want to say this too i want to lisrten your live covers i mean video covers i saw you last time in my college and you came to teach us chords you're fantastic you inspired me. Do covers but cover of your songs toooooo.

Edward said...

love your all songs and will sure love it